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our goal @ CE

Culture Expose
*Exposing the world to the great potentials of African cultures
*The culture Keeper
Saving Africa's cultural landscape

Weekly bulletins
Monthly magazine issues
Weekly radio and television programmes, drama, dance, music and art
Weekend children series
Biannual kiddies book issue, tapes, videos, documenting Africa's cultural landscape.
This is a non governmental organisation with the basis preoccupation of upholding the African culture and saving Africa's cultural land scape from; the dangers of neglect and the irrelevance attitude which its being subjected to.
*This organization prides itself in the African uniqueness of cultural experience as the "cradle of all mankind" and the origin of most human activities from agriculture to industry, from science and art to philosophy and religion.
Africa is indeed rich in human, cultural and natural resources and most of Africa's uniqueness are yet to be explored. This organisa…