What is Mental Slavery (steps to breaking free from mental slavery) Qu'e...

Mental slavery is a situation where the mind is deceived or misinformed into believing it is capable of less than its potential.

It is this misinformation that makes us set certain limitations and barriers for ourselves and the root of all I can'ts.

  it is a condition many suffer from in different spheres of their lives.

This video will help you to understand what mental slavery is and how to overcome it.

How to make heaven your everyday experience (living in heaven daily)

How to make heaven your everyday experience

Everyday we strive to make heaven out of our homes and environment, cleaning, decorating and adorning them.

But what is heaven really like and how can you live your life in a way that makes you experience heaven daily.

What must you do and not do to have a heavenly experience and gain heaven as a home at the end of the earthly race. find out from this video

How to become a better you in 2018

Watch this power packed playlist aimed at helping you become a better person this year 2018 and beyond. Please leave us a comment.

My Plight

Alone I sat in humble plight....bleak 
The brimming mess of a murky world heavy like Olumo
wreathed on my neck.
My eyes amid torrid tears and roving! 
Then I asked: what is it about? 

About helpless bemoaning children scampering about in want of sourless milk? 
About pregnant children heavy with Kwashiorko? 
About death lurking around the corner like some vicious vultures? 
What is it about? 

About fathers bargaining the life of their children in selfish rootless right, 
blinded by greed and deafened by ploy. 
What is it about? 

Again I ask, what is it about? 
About a world so harsh and deadly to guiltless lads.

Annastunnel Antwerp Belgium

This is one of the most amazing places I have been to in my #travellife is this amazing 5km underground tunnel. #annastunnel#antwerp in Belgium. I call it my accidental discovery, I walked into this place while searching for shelter from the viciously cold wind and then I happened on a remarkable landmark in the history of #Belgium , a trully amazing and beautiful tunnel built in the 1930s this tunnel is a wonderful mix of creativity and awesomeness. The two stage wooden escalators were the first in history made from beautifully crafted wood finely finished and polished. You can either walk through or ride through on a bicycle. It's a must see if you ever find yourself in Antwerp Belgium. Discovering this place reminds me that there is always good even in seemingly bad circumstances. 

Yes come to Europe and discover amazing awesome place.

 The escalators made with wood, first of its kind

 5KM long tunnel


Experience the woods in France

You may have been to several parts of Europe but there is a part you may have yet to discover. Allow my grammar; I am talking about the quiet city side of Paris most tourists never got to experience. I am not the regular kind of blogger and I don’t write the fancy lines you are looking for, I let my pictures do the talking and today I want you to experience this quiet calmness of the woods I met regularly in the beautiful city outskirt of Vincennes about 45 minutes to 1 hour by train outside of Paris depending on your location. Experience the true serenity of an European city. Savor the calmness of the beautiful ambiance in summer or winter. Let the winds blow out your worries and experience true relaxation. Your trip is not complete until you savor this tranquility your soul truly desires and indeed deserves.                                          Walk in the woods

                              Get blown away

                                         See the sky