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Blood stains from dead mosquitoes

He was very wealthy and popular
They said he ate with golden spoons and drank from golden cups. He had different cars, some he only drove once
They even said he had Rolls Royce of different colors He was very smart and witty
They said he could double or triple a figure in matter of days
He was a sad man!
They said he had his happy moments
When he rode on Plato's wagon
Last year they said he died Alas! I was very shocked, he died? Oh! How so? How could death kill a very rich man?
He was very poor and almost never had enough They said he sometimes went days without food He was very hard working! They said he traded, served, toiled and tried He was a happy man! They said he never failed to share his little He helped many souls, and was loved by many But they said he was a "poor man"
Last year they said he died Alas! I was very shocked, he died? Oh! How so? How could death kill a very poor man?
He was very rich, Oh the rich dead man! He died and they buried him, in the '…

Tonight again I write

Tonight I write about the sufferings of my brothers on the street, and the pains of the homeless, the fatherless, the defenseless and hungry.

I write about the pains of the average man who barely struggles to feed on a single meal. I write about the tears of a mother who watches her children go hungry and die of petty illnesses
I write about the pains of the homeless whose only bed is under pedestrian bridges, about the bedless beggar who sleeps beside the gutters and lie in peril of rape and other forms of violence.
I write about the insane in my home country left to roam the streets without proper medical care. I write about the fatigued menial laborer daily overworked, spent and bent under the burden of wares and weight. Weights not only from the luggages they carry daily, but also under the burdens on their heart.
Tonight, I write about my people in the hood, who struggle to get away from the croods. I write about the innocent child brought into an unhealthy world by a mentally u…

Tonight I write

So tonight I right following a resolve to always share my thoughts on how I spent my day and record the tits and bits that I can

To night I write about the many thoughts that bothers my mind and keeps me awake in the tick of the night. My first worry all days has been, whatever happened to my writing and poetic life, I used to write regularly but that changed in twenty thirteen after my first job, I guess life got the better out of me and I noticed my last post on this blog was 2013 haba!
My other thought bothers on how I can make a difference, I have been thinking all my adult life about this, and well I think I have spent enough time on thoughts. It's time to act. Let's make a difference