Blood stains from dead mosquitoes

He was very wealthy and popular
They said he ate with golden spoons and drank from golden cups.
He had different cars, some he only drove once
They even said he had Rolls Royce of different colors
He was very smart and witty
They said he could double or triple a figure in matter of days
He was a sad man!
They said he had his happy moments
When he rode on Plato's wagon

Last year they said he died
Alas! I was very shocked, he died?
Oh! How so? How could death kill a very rich man?

He was very poor and almost never had enough
They said he sometimes went days without food
He was very hard working!
They said he traded, served, toiled and tried
He was a happy man!
They said he never failed to share his little
He helped many souls, and was loved by many
But they said he was a "poor man"

Last year they said he died
Alas! I was very shocked, he died?
Oh! How so? How could death kill a very poor man?

He was very rich, Oh the rich dead man!
He died and they buried him, in the 'earth' I guess?
They said his sons spent a lot of money putting him away in the earth
His grave six feet deep and they put him there and covered it up
They said the casket was golden, now probably stolen
Oh! So in the end he was buried without a coffin

Yesterday I asked about him
Nobody knew a thing, if he was in heaven or hell
How so? Didn't he help the poor and needy
Nobody said he did and nobody said he didn't

He was very poor
They said his only cousin could barely put his body in a proper grave
His grave six feet deep, but the whole town was there to cover him
Oh! He had a stately burial only without pump and pageantry

Yesterday I also asked about him
Somebody showed me his grave adorned with beautiful flower strands
Somebody kept it there and wrote thank you for helping with my math

Though we live as kings or slaves
Though we toil or fail to toil
If we travail, progress or faint
Though we abound unto all or none
Though we lack and have not to share
Our lives can only toll two paths
We could live footprints on the sands of time
Or dots like blood stains from dead mosquitoes.


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