Its amazing, but its true an African won the 2011 miss universe beauty context and am so excited about it . Her name is Leila Lopes and she is from Angola, the interesting thing is that she is a black African woman just like me and like me again very beautiful. I began to wonder at this two facts, if she was just beautiful it wouldn't have been anything odd that she won, yet she is also very attractive and intelligent, but unlike me and several others; she made an effort and did not dash her hopes. So many people (women) are out there with big dreams and visions, they have the dreams in their head and never care to put it down with a ball head on a white and black sheet, others did but it ended just in black and white prints and those dreams never went beyond the walls of their house or rooms, they never left a foot print.

So many people have challenged my life and the way I choose to live it, but out of this lot two stand out categorically, Agbani Darego of Nigeria; who became miss world and now Leila Lopes of Angola; she is presently miss universe. The reason for the challenge their lives pose at mine is not far fetched, firstly; they are both African, second; they are black African women and third; they have both made world record.

Who said I can't because I am a woman or because I am African, or did I hear you say 'I am just pretty not a beauty queen material' well you don't have to win a beauty pagent Ngozi Okonjo Iweala never did but today she is a world known economic figure. All you need to do to stand out is make a definite decision to be different and work hard at it. Do not let anybody or you discourage you that you can't make it because of race or gender. "Yes you can" like Barack Obama fight every lilitation and conquer every obstacle with God on your side you will win and yes we will meet at the very top. Together if we don't give up we will break and make more world records.


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