(One cold evening Rebecca stood rooted to a spot in deep thought, it was on one evening like this that it all started, but today, it would have to stop. She would have to put an end to all this, for ten years she has been coping with this blackmail, but it would have to end today, infact now! She sprung up) yes, I would have to put an end to this myself. Die he would this night, this callous and evil son of the soil, the soil would swallow him up and soon; soon! Rebecca will see his end and the white of his body lying six feet under the ground, then I will take my children and the children of this shame and what rightfully belongs to me and leave this God forsaken village to start a whole new life elsewhere. I can't continue in this shame and wickedness and watch my life drain into the ocean. This man who took me from my husband and handed him over to be killed by the government as one of the instigators of the Biafra war must die this night and a shameful death at that just the type he doled out to my husband ten years ago, and for what? For what? If I may ask: to fulfil his lust over me and his avarice over my husbands property. For ten years I have allowed this but, this night it must end, it must end just as I have been planning planning for years, yes I am going to poison him and help him end his miserable life, hahaha. (Reminiscing) 'I used to be the most beautiful girl in the village, I had thirteen no fifteen suitors from Lagos, one from England and numerous from this village, Iyang was a fine young man, the one I had loved from the very first time I saw him, he had been a very loving and kind husband, oh Iyang rest in peace. After his death this traitor of a friend forced me to marry him and left me as miserable as I am today (pointing her finger) you, you took my life from me and now I will not spare your no I won't, this food will be the last you will eat amongst the living. (She picks up the tray of food and heads for the air house). She calls out, Dede, Dede I brought your food its you favorite meal, (then she stops drops the food to the table and makes out towards his direction) Dede, Dede (she made as if to touch him and stops, then finally she touches him, but still there was no response). Dede, (she shakes him), Dede (she checks his pulse then in a moment of confusion she shouts out loud) Dede! He is dead hey!!! (She makes to shout, then decides against it, then she starts a hysterical dance of victory) hey! Abasinmbo, God!! Hey God I thank you! You did not allow me to soil my hand in murder, hey! (Then she begins to shout and wail uncontrollably her neighbors start coming in and light fades)
POSTSCRIPT: so many things happened during and after the Biafra war, so many lives were lost and so many families ruined, thou I wasn't even born then, I lived to hear some of its tales, today there is the Boko Haram a rebelious group wasting lives and property, precious lives at that. Nigeria is an amalgamation made to make British indirect rule easier, Iwould have to cross the Niger to get to the north and the Benue to get to the east. I may not know much about politics, but if we can't live together as one, we can sure live apart as all. Let's stop this voilence.


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