What can you do about it

The Nigerian youth is daily faced with the question of what our government really stands for and if they ever really have the interest of the youths at heart.
Several days back through a social media I got to the information that the present administration has decided to print new currencies and make the lower denominations of the naira into coins and I begin to wonder if that is what we really need.
I often make bold to say sir that I maybe like you was not born with a silver spoon and I had to toil from a very tender age to earn a little to keep body and soul together. As a child I knew the meaning of 25 kobo in those days and my grand ma would often lament at the loss of the value of the naira. She always insisted on referring to 10 Naira as five pounds and as I write now, I begin to wonder if this would ever become a possibility again in the Nigerian history. I remember when all we could afford to eat was beans because it was cheap, but today 10 cups of beans in Ibadan is 450 Naira, and yet our government does not seem to notice, that the poor man’s meat is being taken away. God will inquire all this from us
If our government intends to mint 5000 Naira on paper and 20 Naira as coins what happens to our Kobo? Recently a friend of mine was to travel to Ghana and I told him to go with a lot of Naira because it will only become a few Cedi and Some Pasewa. Does the Nigerian government ever think of the implication of such steps as the proposed new mints to the value of our money and its implication for storage and money laundering? When only a small purse will be needed to carry millions of Naira in. and what would we tell our unborn generation, that we raised the value on paper currency to increase inflation? Can the government for once think in WAZOBIA and find a way of increasing the value of our Naira and Kobo? Can we ever reduce inflation to the point where 50 Naira will be the highest currency? Let’s pause to ask Sir; what is the value of this big numbers without real worth attached to it.
 Right now am wondering what Jesus would do if He was the president of Nigeria or probably a citizen like me. Let the President sir go back to the scriptures and learn of the wisdom of great patriarchs like Joseph and Daniel and how God used them to achieve economic librations for their country. Let him study the life of Solomon who layed up Gold as dust. Let the Nigerian government begin to make positive and profitable decisions or be ready to face judgment like Nebuchadnezzar.
If the government does not take responsibility and make the right decisions to take the country forward, God will arise and judge our leaders, He would raise men from among us and fulfill his counsel. If our kings are babes we will cry unto God and not be quiet till our change comes. Sir remember Saul and David. The same God of that time is still very much alive.
Like I always say if Nigeria must grow we all must be ready to take responsibility.
*WAZOBIA* the language of the average Nigerian trader
I know I have spoken the mind of some, but not all, but my voice is that many not of a few.
Oderinlo Olamide for the Nigerian youth and the two publics


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