Babble on babble on oh! You ranting soul.
Dream of many woes your land has seen and known.
Dream of tales that grow on granny’s dandy head.
Life goes on they say in tunnels ever trust.
Light lingers on for the heart filled with hope.
A dance for your foot oh! Maiden undefiled.

Kanem Boronu never knew that war will be its end,
Kufo tutu never dreamt that life could fail a charmer.
Abeke knever knew that Abefe has of greater preference.
Man changes his mind and heart in but a flicking dance,

Tales told in the moonlight lingers on in minds pure.
Life flickers forever in the rain of yester years.

I will dance if you sing the new song of hope.
I will fight if you draw the sword of old.
Prance on me if you feel the littlest glee of hope
Minds built to last never know the faint stabs of hope.
 I will dance in the rain if you care.
I will bath with the wind if it pleases your soul
Faint is the heart that hopes in futile lust,
Greed on the line, trust upon heavy beds.
I will sing you a song if it pleases your soul,
I will dream anew, if life dances to the dream.
I have walked many paths but this suites me most.
 I have danced many beats buts this serves my nerves

Bright and beautiful flower you are the precinct that men seek
In you; life is never laced with tinder’s of envy.
Abefe you are preferred in hope of many warm nights
Abeke you are chosen for the coy thoughts you bring to faint minds
I will search the book of life you name perchance might be there.


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