Discover the beautiful city of Antwerp

Are you planning a trip to Belgium and you don’t know where to start from or do you want an amazing experience?
Travelling and sightseeing is not something you should wait till you have millions to do. Though having millions is nice but you can make a low budget trip and still have an amazing experience.

Antwerp is an amazing city to visit with friendly people and magnificent structures one look and you want to stay longer.
With a peaceful and charming environment a city beaming in smiles and filled with various cultural manifestations. Enjoy the architecture, throng along with other tourists and savor the amazing cuisines.  
Yow would experience the locals in their traditional attires and if you are a native English speaker you would be thrilled with your mental attempt at reading the seemingly English words on doors (voors) and lintels.
I bet you want to experience this rich cultural space. Take a trip with me and see the pictures below.
And let me also mention this city is filled to the brim with gold and diamonds. Jewelry shops are everywhere and if you have a good pocket you sure can get a good deal.

 A church lit up by the beautiful night
 Train station

                I had to show my smile, I had so much fun

 Don't miss the zoo for anything in the world, its right behind the main train station

      I said the architecture is magnificent, that was not an overestimation

                                  till you see
                                the whole sculpture
It was an amazing trip, I sure plan to visit again with a bigger pocket.


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