Experience the woods in France

You may have been to several parts of Europe but there is a part you may have yet to discover.
Allow my grammar; I am talking about the quiet city side of Paris most tourists never got to experience.
I am not the regular kind of blogger and I don’t write the fancy lines you are looking for, I let my pictures do the talking and today I want you to experience this quiet calmness of the woods I met regularly in the beautiful city outskirt of Vincennes about 45 minutes to 1 hour by train outside of Paris depending on your location. Experience the true serenity of an European city. Savor the calmness of the beautiful ambiance in summer or winter. Let the winds blow out your worries and experience true relaxation.
Your trip is not complete until you savor this tranquility your soul truly desires and indeed deserves.
                                         Walk in the woods

                              Get blown away

                                         See the sky

                                         Beautiful even in winter